Good old-fashioned service and reliability is what underpins our business at Asixa, and we’ve been working hard to combine this with cutting-edge digital technology to benefit our customers.

After nearly two years of development from scratch, we’re proud to introduce a new sign-on-glass system to our operation, which will mean faster confirmation of delivery for our customers and greater reliability in reporting.

Asixa partnered with Victorian information technology company CMS Transport Systems to develop Freight2020 Mobile, which allows our drivers to easily obtain confirmation of delivery by having the receiver sign on one of their portable tablet devices, which log instant notifications online.

This means we can provide more timely updates on a consignment’s progress, and our customers can find delivery details on our Freight2020 online portal, where they presently go to book transport within our distribution network.

We’re rolling the service out in two stages – first, to our direct delivery services to regional centres, like Bendigo and Seymour. We will then phase the technology into the rural delivery routes across our network, so customers can receive instant updates from even the most remote locations.

One of the really exciting things about this new software is its potential to help small-to-medium size logistics companies like Asixa adopt technology that has, until now, been too complicated and too costly for all except large national and global providers to adopt. For us, it’s really great to see this service come online, and it’s an excellent result after much hard work from our team and CMS.

For more details on Freight2020 Mobile, you can watch the above video, or contact us at